Academic Workshop on “Preventing Alcohol Related Harm” – 25th april 2016

In 25th April 2016, Center for Injury Policy and Prevention Research (CIPPR) – Hanoi School of Public Health (HSPH) had organized an academic workshop on “Preventing alcohol related harm”. This workshop aims at providing scientific evidence to experts, policy makers and contributing to the draft law “Alcohol harm prevention” which will be discussed at National Parliament in July 2016.

Scientists confirmed:

  • Vietnamese alcohol consumption is extremely high, especially in male (6.2 litter per person in 6 months).
  • Alcohol products are available and very cheap to population (shops and markets open 14h daily, restaurants open 12h-14h daily; average beer price less than 1$ per drink).
  • Criminal law violations, disturbing public order, traffic accidents related to alcohol consumption tends to increase in recent years, especially in young adults (in 16-30 years old).
  • Total expenses to alcohol products was estimated at 16,372 billion VND (in 2010).
  • Public advertisement has significant increased influence of alcohol consumption, especially in young male.
  • Currently, Vietnam has 85 legal documents on alcohol harm prevention, including: production management, sales of alcohol, controlling advertising, promotion and sponsorship; however policy compliance is not strictly (no regulations on restricting beer ads, children under 18 easily can buy alcohol ...).

CIPPR accompany with scientists to provide scientific evidence and contributing to promulgate law onalcohol harmful prevention; Continue to promote the implementation of the national policy on the prevention of alcohol abuse to 2020.

Workshop participants are scientists from HSPH, People Police Academy, HealthBridge Canada in Vietnam, Ministry of Health, representative for The Social Affairs Committee of the Parliament, Minitry of Finance, WHO, Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP), etc.